I do recommend

I’ve been using US Mobile (WARP 5G Verizon network) for more than a year at home and during travel across US and Canada. I do use a lot of mobile data (from 20 to 80 GB per month) and speeds are incredible (up to 500/70 on UW 5G in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities). My current plan is «Unlimited Essentials» which cost $45 per month per single line. There are no contracts with prepaid service. If I stay at home for two months (no travel plans), I switch to «Unlimited Starter». It cost only $25 per month with all fees and taxes included!

There are two options to start with: 45-day free trial (when you transfer current phone number to US Mobile) or get a new number with «Unlimited Starter» for only $12.5 per first month (my choice, you’ll get new SIM card; eSIM is also supported). Once you activate and test it out, you can continue with any mobile plan you wish.