Mishkas (Miha Brooklyn)

Hey, folks! My name is Mishkas aka Miha Brooklyn. I am new streamer on Twitch.tv where I stream 2-3 times per week mostly World of Tanks or “Just Chatting”. I don’t have specific schedule, but I normally go live on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). I’ll be happy to meet you in the chat or within game! Please note: English is my second language. I’ll speak better next year!

I play on NA region of World of Tanks. My in game name: Mishkas. If you wish to toon with me, come over on Sunday, around 4 PM EST. Platoons are free and available for channels points (100,000, 5 battles in toon). You may also request any vehicle that I have in garage. It costs 100,000 points per 3 tank battles. If I don’t have desired vehicle, you can request any other vehicle or ask for refund (channel points will be refunded).

Miha Brooklyn

Business offers, promotions and sponsorships: [email protected]
You may also reach me via Discord: Mishkas or Telegram: Brooklyn